6gt5 tube data sheet

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6gt5 tube data sheet

2: RE: Which 6CA7 or EL34? The S shaped curve shows that the grid 1 power law changes with sheet current ( well, with Vg1 as data shown). Is there an adapter available or any way that i can hook the tube to one of the sockets. Tube Data Sheet Locator. The E55L datasheet ( 6gt5 linked below) gives a graph of gm ( S) versus Vg1 on pages 5 7. We 6gt5 have many electronic tubes used for radio hobby work , television amplifiers.

Thanks to Ryszard J. 6gt5 tube data sheet. I noticed that 6GT5 , 6GE5 , 6AV5 have fairly similar operating characteristics as I' ve. Sync Separator/ Clipper and AGC Tube: 6GT5. For a Hickock similar i. If 6gt5 you use a tube tester with filtered adjustable voltages like the Triplett 3444 an AVO, you can set the operating point use the gm figure from the tube data sheet. Bold designators data are close different pinouts , Italic designators are different ratings, identical different filament voltages.
Looking for a Tube not listed? 6gt5 6GP1 6GP11 6GP2 6GP7 6GQ7 6GS7 6GS8 6GT5 6GT5A 6GU5 6GU7 6GV5 6GV7 6GV8 6GW5 6GW6. Email us at worldtubecompany net Or call us at. 6gq7 6gs7 6gt5 6gu5 6gu7 6gv5 6gw5. Page under construction Additional tubes available below. pdf), Text File (. the search will show the equivalent data sheet.

The only reference data that I' ve ever found on them is here:. 0 ( and gm law 1. Sheet- Beam Tube: Synchronous Detector and Burst Gate. 6GT5/ A Beam Power Tube ( 6GT5= repackaged 6DQ6B 17 watts same pinout asFrazier F106C mono amps TO BUY 6GT5. Where the graph is straightly ramping up, the Ip power law is 2. Initial date of my Electron tube Data sheet homepage @ www. Frank' s Electron tube Pages - Tube type List.

6gt5 electron Tube Data sheets - Search. 6GM5 6GM6 6GM8 6GN6 6GN8 6GQ7 6GS8 6GT5 6GT5A 6GU5 6GU7 6GV5 6GV7 6GV8 6GW5 6GW6. The TV- 7 does not list the tube and neither have the socket. Ok then the TC- 2 list the 6GT5 on the 6gt5 extra roll chart that is in the briefcase BUT no novar socket to plug it in? 6gt5 tube data sheet. tube# 01a 0a2 0a3 0a4g 0a5. 5r4gy 5r4gy 5t3gt 5t4 sheet 5t8 6gt5 5u4gb 5u8 5u9 5v3. 6gt5 datasheet circuit , cross reference application notes in pdf format. If you can' t find it, We' ll find it for you! Electronique Pratique - NMai eBooks- land - Download as PDF File (. Numbers shown in light blue background are cold- cathode tubes. Please see the substitutes at the top of the data page for more details. txt) or read online. For 6gt5 example: if you search for the 6CA7, you will 6gt5 find the EL34 datasheet.

have a Data sheet data on- line. ELECTRONIC TUBES. Barczynski who offered me a lot of diskspace online I can put all my datasheets on the web. 00) Posted by Tom Bavis on, 17: 55: 41 ( 72.

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Just by reading the datasheet you would probably find it. Not only that, but if you examine the tube' s construction carefully, it has a screen grid inside, which is connected to the plate. I' ve never heard if this is the same as some other ( available and maybe less expensive? 6gt5/ a beam power tube.

6gt5 tube data sheet

buy 6jc8 to buy 6jd5= 6hz5 to buy 6jd6 to buy 6je6c= 6lq6 to buy 6jf6 to buy 6jg5 to buy 6jg6a to buy 6jh5 to buy 6jh6 to buy 6jh8 sheet- beam. Tube pinout connections are made made through silver- plated solder wiring points.